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Men's Health
& Fertility

Fertility support

Our natural health protocols have a proven track record for improving sperm health, testosterone levels, and increase chance for conception

Men's health

We don't just support male fertility. Michael is uniquely trained in supporting health and preventing disease through natural healthcare. 


Your Questions Answered! 

1. Is decreased male fertility a common issue?
 -Incredibly common. Women commonly are blamed for a couple's inability to conceive, but the male's physiology is to blame around 40% of the time. That's why we're here... Women usually get all the attention here, and have many options in their infertility care and we're looking to bridge the gap. 

2. What type of support do you give to boost fertility?
-We don't have one size fits all protocols; everything we do is completely tailored to your unique situation and physiology. Recommendations will likely include dietary and exercise plans, as well as targeted nutritional and botanical supplementation based on your lab work. We'll even dive into your GENETICS to see if there is an inborn reason for your complaints.

3. What other men's health services do you offer? 

-Our nutrition practice focuses on restoring health to the entire body, and improving overall health. While we specialize in conditions that especially effect men such as sexual health issues or high blood pressure, we work with patients with any condition. 

4. Are you a urologist?
-No way. Urologists treat patients from the waist down, we work with the patient's whole body to restore normal physiology and support their health. 

5. Do I have to do a lot of blood work for this?

-It's up to you. Remember you're the patient, you're in charge. I'm here to help facilitate your improvements in health. Some of our patients want to do a lot of testing to figure out what's going on. Sometimes I need testing to see what's going on, but we can usually get a good idea of what's going on with a thorough history (Remember our First Office Visit is 2 hours). If lab work of any kind from blood work to semen analyses are needed, we'll work with a physician to get you the tests you need. 


6. Do you work with women too?

-Of course! Health is a team & family effort and we encourage you to bring in your family so change can be made together! Michael's internship was in general family practice where he treated patients of all kinds and still works with many women. 

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