Comprehensive Cancer

Cancer Support

We specialize in supporting cancer patients during their active treatment and recovery phases of standard care

What is Comprehensive Cancer Support?
Personalized Care

By analyzing every aspect of your diet and lifestyle, we create a tailored plan aimed at supporting the body's immune response so that your body has the best chance of fighting back. 

Truly Personalized Care

Your Questions Answered! 

1. What is Comprehensive Cancer Support?
-We take a multifaceted approach to supporting cancer patients during and after their conventional treatment. This consists of:


1. Designing a nutrition plan aimed at supporting the body's metabolism; aimed at slowing cancer growth and supporting the body's optimal immune function. Dr. Robinson is a Certified Oncology Nutrition Consultant through the Oncology Nutrition Institute. 

2. Reviewing your current supplement regimen to ensure your current protocol is safe, as well as desinging an evidence based nutritional and herbal protocol to support your immune system and normal metabolic pathways.

3. Design plans to both prepare you for the typically draining effects of chemo and radiation as well as help build your body back up after each and every treatment so you can go into your next session ready to fight. 

4. Utilizing botanical phytonutrients to reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation allowing your standard care to go more smoothly

3. What sort of unique therapies do you utilize? 
-First and foremost botanical medicine and medical nutrition therapy are our expertise, but for the patients that need it, we do use stronger therapies such as IV-Vitamin C, Mistletoe Therapy, Ozone Therapy, UV-BI, and partner with the Ayre Clinic for IPT chemotherapy when needed. IPT chemo is a way to utilize modern chemotherapy medications with a lower side effect profile. 

3. Is this an alternative to conventional cancer treatment?
 -NO! Our services are adjunctive care for those undergoing traditional drug, surgical, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments.  We require that you are under the care of a medical doctor concurrently while utilizing our services. If you do not have a MD, you're more than welcome to meet with Dr. Hesselink, the MD we partner with. If you're not thrilled about the conventional chemotherapy options you're being presented, we can direct you to talk with the Ayre Clinic to use these same chemotherapies in a less toxic way. 


4. My oncologist told me not to take any vitamins or herbs, is that true? 

-While there are many herbs and nutrients contraindicated in cancer, we have a wealth of knowledge of the effects of many nutrients and phytochemicals in supporting the body during conventional cancer care. Traditional oncologists have not recieved substantial training in herbal medicine and nutritional biochemistry, so it is not that they are wrong, they just aren't aware. Dr. Robinson has spent 6 years of graduate school specifically studying food as medicine. We will work with your doctor to create a team approach and provide any research necessary to support our recommendations. 

5. I am already on a lot of supplements, how can you help? 
-We review everyone's supplement regimen that comes in the door. Many patients come in to us taking things that are actually hurting their care. With a deep understanding of nutritional biochemistry and herbal medicine physiology, we are able to not only determine if what you are taking is appropriate, but can usually pare down the number of things you're taking. We do this by strategically combining herbs and vitamins into less capsules or inclusive powders that are multi-purposed. 

6. What if I do not have an oncologist?

-We require that you are under the care of a medical doctor in order to use our oncology support services. If you do not have a medical doctor, Dr. Michael Robinson works with a MD in an oncology clinic in Burr Ridge, IL. Appointments to meet with both Michael Robinson ND, MS, CNS, LDN and Thomas Hesselink MD can be made by contacting The Ayre Clinic for Contemporary Medicine HERE.

7. What type of services does the Ayre Clinic offer?

-We are a full service integrative oncology clinic that includes medical cancer care using Insulin Potentiation Therapy to enhance our chemotherapy regimens, as well as services such as IV vitamin C, and Mistletoe. We also have providers that specialize in nutrition, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, lymphatic therapy, psychotherapy, and more. More info for The Ayre Clinic for Contemporary Medicine is found HERE.

8. What if I already beat cancer, how can you help?

-First of all, you are awesome! But there is still a lot of work we can do. There is still a lot of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle work we can do to reduce your risk of cancer returning, as well as support your body with any lingering side effects you may have. (Gut disruption and digestive issues, loss of hair, neuropathy, lymphedema, etc.)

9. Should I book an appointment at the Nourish Clinic or Ayre Clinic? 
-This is up to you. If you are in need of a full medical team, then appointments should be made with both Dr. Robinson and Dr. Hesselink in the Burr Ridge office, this will ensure you have the best team and have support of our oncology nursing staff. If you are solely looking to support your current conventional regimen, the Nourish office is the place to be. If you're not sure, give reception a call at 630-442-0169 and she can help you get things sorted out. 

If it is a timing issue, Dr. Robinson is:

-In the Nourish office Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, and every other Saturday.

-In The Ayre Clinic Tuesdays and Thursdays. 



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