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Regional Hyperthermia

Your Questions Answered! 

Regional Hyperthermia Therapy for Cancer Support

1. How can Regional Hyperthermia help in my fight against cancer?
- Multiple ways! That is why we love it so much. It can be used in nearly every stage of your cancer treatment journey including:

-Hyperthermia in itself helps create an environment in your body that cancer has a more difficult time surviving in. Peer reviewed research has demonstrated that raising temperatures above 114*F leads to cancer cell death and most importantly, the release of something called heat shock proteins, which are like a flare gun for your immune system, compelling them to mount an immune response to the cancer tissue. The continued heat also tends to collapse the blood supply, making your body less hospitable to tumor growth. 

- Because many of the heat shock proteins that are released, regional hyperthermia can help patients overcome drug resistance to treatments that have previously stopped working, and enhance efficacy of immunotherapy treatment (because the immune system can see the target more easily). 

-Creating a hyperthermic environment prevents cancer DNA from being able to repair itself as easily, making treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation more effective. 

-Hyperthermia is also quite effective for reducing pain, and is sometimes used for this purpose alone. 

2. Are there some cancer patients who should not do Hyperthermia?
-The regional hyperthermia machine we use is a non invasive deep tissue heating system, meaning there are virtually no side effects. Most patients feel a warming sensation during treatment that is comforting and relaxing. The few times you would not want to do hyperthermia, is directly over a medical implant such as a pacemaker, or if you already have very damaged skin (such as burns from radiation treatment). 

How am I going to feel after my sessions?
-Most of our patients report feeling pretty well. There is sometimes some short term swelling in the area that occurs for a few hours post treatment due to the immune system overactivation. This can be mitigated by drinking lots of water, and it is sometimes encouraged to do some level of lymphatic support whether it is a lymph treatment with our acupuncturists, a lymphatic tincture, or use our PEMF machine to improve lymphatic flow. 

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Your Questions Answered! 

Non-Cancer Hyperthermia Uses​

1. Pain
Using heat as a therapy for pain is well established, but because of the noninvasive nature of our machine, we're bale to heat much deeper tissue, to a higer temperature, without damaging the skin / causing burns. 
2. BPH - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Thermofield is a gentle way to apply heat to the prostate to restore normal function. While using high heat via microwave catheter is an effective treatment for BPH, it is uncomfortable for most patients, and has risk of complications. Noninvasive heating therapies are a more gentle approach with less than 1% complication rate. 
3. Vaginal / Pelvic Floor Support
Our thermofield non invasive deep tissue heater out performs want based pelvic floor therapy devices with a 5x increase in blood flow over wand applicators, and the best part is therapy is completely non invasive and does not have to be inserted into the vaignal canal. Wand applicators also deliver varying results depending on the skill of the technician, where our external applicator effectiveness is independant of technician skill. Our applicator also covers the entire female anatomy. No need to disrobe, no downtime and need to avoid sexual activity, and completely noninvasive.  


Your Questions Answered! 

What to expect in your sessions

1. Is this a big scary machine I have to sit inside? 

-Nope! You get to lay comfortably on a massage table watching tv while a small applicator is placed over the treatment area for 30-45 minutes.  

2. How long are sessions?
-Sessions for pain or pelvic floor support are 30 minutes long
-Sessions for enhancing cancer therapy are 45 minutes long. 
(Again, sometimes we reccomend some sort of lymphatic treatment after, depending on the case). 

3. How many sessions will I need and how much does it cost?
-This will vary widely based on your condition and health status. If it is looking like you would benefit from an extended number of sessions, we do offer packages to make care more obtainable if needed. 
- Pain and pelvic floor sessions are $200 each (between 4-12 sessions needed)
- Cancer support
sessions are $250 each (usually twice weekly sessions for 1-2 months)
-Cancer & Pain double sessions are $300 each

- 12 session package - 10% off
- 24 session package - 15% off


Ready to get started?

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