CNS Internship

1,000 hour supervised practice experience

Dr. Robinson is passionate about changing the face of healthcare and creating competent and highly skilled nutrition professionals. For this reason Nourish offers supervision hours for Masters trained nutrition professionals to complete their required 1,000 hour supervised practice requirement in order to obtain board certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialists. Our goal is to make this process both as meaningful, and smooth as possible. Read on to find out more about our supervised practice program. 

The Program Details
1. Who is this program for?
-This is for Masters level nutrition students who are looking to sit for the CNS credential. The BCNS requires that you complete a masters level nutrition education program, complete a 1,000 hour supervised practice experience, and pass an exam to become certified. It can be difficult for some to find a supervisor for these hours, and it is tedious getting a new supervisor approved. Dr. Robinson is already approved as a CNS supervisor and is experienced in the credentialing process so you have a smooth experience. 

1. Do I have to live in the Chicagoland area?
-No! BCNS allows remote supervision, and Dr. Robinson has experiece supervising students from across the country. All you need is a phone and computer!

2. What does the program include? How does it work?
-The goal is for you to earn approx. 20 hours per week. Dr. Robinson will meet with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to review your patient cases and help you work through places you may be stuck and guide you through plans you might not have thought of. This mentoring process is meant to help you become a better clinican is every aspect. He is also happy to do any reviews of basic science, clinical nutrition, herbal or supplement support, and business building lessons with you. We will share as many resources as we can with you including diet plans, textbooks, exam study material, clinical pearls, and more. 

2. Is there a fee for the internship?
-This is not a money making strategy for us, but we do ask for a small fee, mostly just to keep you dedicated to the program. Dr. Robinson puts in an immense amount of work into training his interns and we want to make sure you are equally as commited. The fee is $3/per hour that we certify, in chunks of 200 hours. 

2. What if I can't find 20 hours of patients per week?
-Remember two things...
1. The 20 hours is just a reccommendation, so that you can complete your internship within a year, but you can go slower if needed.
2. The 1,000 hours does not have to mean 1,000 hours in front of patients. You can also earn hours for doing patient case research, creating treatment plans, and direct observation of Dr. Robinson in practice. Also, Dr. Robinson occasionally may have patients of his own that he can allow you to consult with, but this is not guaranteed based on availability and candidate skill level. 

2. Do I have to do all of my hours with Nourish?
-Nope, you are allowed to have multiple supervisors, but we do ask that you commit to completing at least 400 hours with us to account for the amount of effort we put into each intern. 



About Your Supervisor

  • Dr. Robinson is well qualified in all areas needed to make an excellent mentor: natural medicine, education, and an experienced CNS supervisor.
    He is a Naturopathic Doctor, also with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist in full time clinical practice and is certified in Functional Medicine. He holds faculty apointments at multiple universities, including Lewis Universities' Nutrition and Exercise science program, SCNM's MS in Clinical Nutrition program, and UWS's Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition program designed to prepare students for the CNS. He is established approved CNS internship supervisor by BCNS, and as mentored nutrition interns throughout the country. To learn more about Dr. Robinson


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