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Naturopathic Genetic Analysis


"The scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease"

are Nutrigenomics?
Personalized Nutrition

Analyzing clues in your DNA called "SNPs"
(single nucleotide polymorphisms)
 allows us to tailor our recommendations to everything that makes you unique.

Truly Personalized Answers

Your Questions Answered! 

1. What are the benefits of personalized DNA nutritional recommendations?
 -Nutritional Genomics allow us to make the most precise plan possible for your health. You'll leave our consults knowing the blockages standing in your way, as well as the path to overcome these inborn hurdles. 

2. Does everyone with the same SNPs get the same recommendation?
-Nope, every person's genetic code is different and thus every plan is unique to them. SNPs are not as simple as "X" SNP = "X" Recommendation.  Even if you share the same SNP with someone, you may receive a different plan as nutritional genomics is about how all of your unique changes interact with each other

3. Have you ever wondered why a diet worked for your friend or family and not you? 

-Genetics might be the answer! We all react to each food, drug, exercise plan, and supplement differently. Our plan will help get to the bottom of your intricacies!

4. I've heard of MTHFR / What is MTHFR?
-MTHFR (MethylTetroHydroFolate Reductase) is one SNP that has been popular in the media recently. It is an enzyme defect that doesn't allow you to process your B-vitamins properly, and is present in about 20% of people. It is only one of the ~50 SNPs we investigate in creating a personalized plan for you. 

5. Do I have to do a lot of blood work for this?

-Nope! We gather our data from a saliva sample you submit to a DNA sequencing company such as 23&Me or The information is extracted from their report and entered into SNP detection software and interpreted by our doctors. No blood required!


6. Can anyone interpret this data?

-No! Genetics are extremely complicated and most doctors and practitioners do not receive any training in this area.  Our doctors have completed extensive course work in nutritional biochemistry and medical genomics throughout medical school and continuing education that allows them to expertly evaluate this information. 

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