Can't Sleep?
What is Natural 
Sleep Medicine?

     Natural sleep medicine focuses on getting to the root cause of your sleep disturbances by digging into the dietary, lifestyle, and chemical imbalances effecting your nighttime routine. 

     Whether it is getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking up too early, or feeling sleepy throughout the day; Our team will work with you, where you are, to overcome your ailment and get your life back one night at a time.

What happens if we don't get enough sleep?
  • After just one night of sleep loss (5-6 hours of sleep instead of 7-8)

    • brain performance, judgement, and decision making are severely compromised.

    • Inflammation levels (CRP) rise greatly with sleep loss and the immune system begin.

    • Hormone imbalance begins and sexual dysfunction arises.

  • Long term sleep loss

    • Increased risk of almost every cancer.​

    • Increased risk for Alzheimer's and depression.

    • 50% more likely to die of a stroke and coronary heart disease.

    • 4 times more likely to catch a cold or flu.

    • Increased risk of death from all sources (all cause mortality).

  • Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem. PsycEXTRA Dataset. doi:10.1037/e719732007-001.

Why is sleep so important?

While you sleep your brain and body kick into clean up mode in order to:

  • Reset your immune system

  • Regulate your hormones

  • Your lymphatic system drains toxic buildup throughout the brain and body.

  • Balance your metabolism

  • Lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate. 

How can Nourish help?
  • Get to the bottom of your disturbance and treat the cause rather than medicate the symptoms away

  • Evaluate your sleep cycles and hormones to create personalized plan for your lifestyle

  • Utilize natural therapies such as botanical medicine and dietary interventions to aid healthy sleeping habits

  • Learn more about our teams training HERE

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