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Sierra Kim, MSCN, CNS
Certified Nutrition Specialist & Health Coach

Sierra is Nourish's on-staff nutrition and health coach. As a previous nutrition student of Dr. Robinson's Sierra was hand picked to join the Nourish team and help patient's gain an understanding of their relationship with food, the gut brain connection, and how food choices can help patients overcome their chronic illness. Sierra specializes in chronic gut complaints, oncology nutrition, natural hormone balancing via diet, rheumatic conditions and is certified in hundreds of different therapeutic diets. She has traveled extensively around the world and has lived throughout Asia, bringing a global perspective to her nutritional treatment plans. She is accepting her own new patients and is also here to help Dr. Robinson's patients implement their treatment plans to give our patients another level of support in their healing journey. 

Appointments with Sierra can be made by calling our receptionist, or online HERE

Sierra Kim Headshot.jpeg


  • Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition
    ​​​​      Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine  & Health Sciences


  • Bachelor of Arts - International Studies
         - University of North Texas


  • Certified Nutritionist Specialist    

           - Board for Cert. Nutrition Specialists

           - 1,000hr Internship with Dr. Robinson

  • Certified Oncology Nutrition Consultant

           - Oncology Nutrition Institute

Sierra's Expertise

  • Evidence-based nutrition coaching

  • Natural hormone & thyroid balancing w/ nutrition

  • Chronic GI conditions and severe IBS

  • Trained in numerous different diets in order to individualize care

  • 1 on 1 motivational interviewing

  • Rheumatic conditions

  • Oncology Nutrition

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