Dr. Jennifer Scherbauer 
ND, DC, MS, 

Dr. Jennifer Scherbauer, or "Dr. Jen" as she is known by her patients, is an expert in natural and functional medicine specializing in autoimmune diseases, specifically in endocrinology and women's health. Dr. Jen has a passion for getting to the bottom of unexplained health complaints, especially for women who are often dismissed in the conventional medical system. With a combination of taking the time to listen to her patient's full history, a thorough examination, and functional medicine laboratory testing Dr. Jen is able to unlock the missing components that are often overlooked and help her patients overcome their health struggles which have previously gone unanswered.  

Dr. Jen started her journey in Naturopathic Medical school in order help patients unlock the answers to her health, but realized in order to help her patients most efficiently and completely she also completed a second doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and became certified in Acupuncture.  Throughout her clinical practice, she has encountered many complicated cases that demonstrated the importance of addressing mental, emotional, and physical causes of disease. She stresses the importance of compassion, patient education, and emphasizes each patient’s ability to take control of their own health. This diversity in training has allowed her to take a truly wholistic approach to undertanding women with unexplained hormonal complaints, and allows her to make balanced treatment plans focused on functional nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and more! After years in private practice, she has joined the Nourish team in order to deliver our autoimmune and endocrine patients the highest level of natural healthcare available.

Appointments with Dr. Jen can be made by calling our receptionist, or directly online HERE 


-Over 10 years of medical training-

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 
    ​    - National University of Health Sciences

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine ​  
        - National University of Health Sciences

  • Master of Science in Applied Anatomy
    ​​     - Case Western Reserve University

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology & Psychology  
        - University of Dayton Ohio

  • Acupuncture Certification
    - Lincoln College of Postgraduate Education

  • Webster Pregnancy Technique​ Certified
    - I.C.P.A.

        In Her Spare Time...
         -Dedication to change-

  • Dr. Jen is passionate about changing our healthcare system. She is a board member for the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians working which works to advocate for access to naturopathic medicine in IL. She also volunteers as a physician mentor for our interns looking to expand their knowledge in natural medicine. 

  • When she is not in the office, you may see Dr. Scherbauer running the lakefront, hiking, exploring the city, or cooking healthy plant based meals for her friends and family. 

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