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Chiropractic and Physical Therapy at SpineCo in Downtown Downers Grove
-Pain relief without drugs and surgery-

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~Meet Our Pain Expert~

Dr. Ryan Bielecki is a gifted expert in treating acute and chronic pain. Dr. Bielecki specializes in neck pain, but believes the body functions as a unit and treats the whole body in unison. With a combination of manipulative therapy, targeted corrective exercises, and taking a deep dive into finding out why our patients are in pain, Dr. Bielecki is able to achieve next level healing results without the use of drugs or surgery. 

Your Questions Answered! 

1. How is your approach to pain relief different than what I've tried before?
 - At Nourish we use a combination of natural pain relief therapies in order to get the best and fastest results, but also tailor care to exactly what you need. It's not uncommon in orthopedic medicine for a patient to receive imaging, and given a diagnosis or treatment off that imaging without the doctor ever putting their hands on the patient to do a proper physical exam.  At Nourish we are determined to find the cause of your pain, and this is not always something that imaging shows. After a thorough assessment including hands on palpation, orthopedic tests, possibly imaging, and a functional movement assessment, we'll develop a treatment plan specifically for you and your condition. This may include a combination of chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory herbs, proper nutrition, acupuncture, and other manual therapy techniques. 

2. What if I'm still taking medications to manage my symptoms? Should I stop?
-Nope, conventional medicines are important for keeping your symptoms under control while we work on supporting your body's natural healing process. Our goal is for you to not need medication one day, but we don't have to start there on day one. 

3. I've seen a chiropractor before, how are you different? 

-First and foremost, there are good and bad chiropractors out there, just as there are good or bad medical doctors. In order to be the best doctors that we can be and get our patients the best results, we treat every patient as an individual with a thorough evaluation to ensure the proper treatment plan from the begining that is tailored to their current condition. There are also different philosophies in chiropractic that drive how treatment plans are developed. Ours is a heavy science based approach centered on a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and an emphasis on functional movement. While some chiropractors will spend 5 minutes, adjust you, and send you on your way, that is not how our practice runs. You may not need adjustments at all. Maybe your treatment plan is predominately physical therapy based. Maybe you have an underlying inflammatory condition or magnesium deficiency leading to your issue. Each plan we make starts with determining why you're in pain, and then directly treating the cause in order to get you better, faster. 

4. Am I going to have to get imaging like X-rays or an MRI?
-Each plan is tailored to you, and after your exam we'll determine if imaging is needed. There is a lot of info that can be gained from the in person physical exam and imaging often is not needed, but we always have it in our back pocket. 

5. Why don't you accept insurance when other chiropractors do?

We want our patients to get the best care possible. We don't bill insurance in office in order to save you money and deliver better care! Most people do not realize seeing an insurance based chiropractor can be significantly more expensive due to deductibles and co-pays, and lead to shorter rushed appointment times. Because we do not have to split profits with insurance companies, we're able to offer lower rate and spend more time providing you quality care.  See below how our cash prices can save you significant amounts of money!

In our office - paying cash rate of $60 / visit:
20 visits x $60 = $1200 out of pocket cost in a year


30 visits x $60 = $1800 out of pocket cost for the year 

Compared to insurance plan with modest $3k deductible: 

20 visits x $120 insurance rate = $2400 out of pocket cost

($1200 more expensive to use insurance) 


30 visits x $120 insurance rate = $3600 out of pocket cost

$3000 out of pocket cost, $600 paid by insurance 

($1200 more expensive to use insurance).
*Also keep in mind that these above insurance rates do not include copays, and co-insurance which often means you'll pay even more in the insurance model. And most importantly, just because we do not bill insurance in office, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of your benefits. All visits will come with a superbill that you can submit for reimbursement, meaning everything you pay can go towards your deductible, as well as you can get reimbursed for funds over and above your deductible once insurance kicks in. 

6. What if my thorough evaluation determines I have a larger than expected problem?

 At Nourish we do work as a team, and have various providers of different internal medicine specialties. This means if it is determined if something like acupuncture would be indicated, or an internal medicine complaint is related to your pain, Dr. Bielecki will partner with our other providers to get you the best care possible. 

If you're ready to get started and book an appointment, you can view our availability calendar below

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